They say the third time’s a charm – and hopefully that’s the case when it comes to legalizing medicinal marijuana in Connecticut. By a 35-8 vote, a bi-partisan state legislative judiciary committee on Wednesday approved SB 5389, which would permit physicians to recommend medi-pot to their patients; recommendations would last for one year. Patients would obtain their medicine at licensed dispensaries that would be required to register with the state’s Dept of Consumer Protection.

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Two previous efforts to legalize medi-pot in Connecticut have gone by the wayside; in 2007 a bill was vetoed by then-Governor Jodi Rell (R) and last year’s bill died in the General Assembly even though current Governor Dannel Malloy (D) supports medical marijuana.

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On this issue at least, the General Assembly and the Governor’s office seem to be in synch with the will of its constituents, as a Qunnipiac University poll found overwhelming support among private citizens for medical marijuana; 68 percent in favor to just 27 percent in opposition, less than a third of those polled. SB 5389 is now headed to the Connecticut House of Representatives for approval.