This Bubblegum bud is close to harvest. Note the leaves have changed color from heavy fertilization. which also adds weight and swells buds.

I’m taking on a new experience with indoor herb growing. I’ve got four 55w CFL bulbs (not tubes) that produce 3,200 lumens each and a grow space of about 3 m2. I’m getting hooked up with some Sensi Star clones. and I already have rooting mediums and cloning solution. How many mature plants will I be able to get inside my space provided?
– Chris

The Must Try legend.


If your grow space is about 1 x 1 m. you can easily fit 12-20 plants in this area.

If the plants get plenty of light they will grow strong and produce a great harvest, providing all their other needs are met. However, the four 55w CFL bulbs (220w total) will produce the minimum of light for this area.

Plants will take longer to mature and the buds will not be as dense. If you have the spare money, add two more 55w CFLs (330w total) during flowering to pick up the weight of the buds before harvest. I generally recommend one 600w lamp to illuminate a 1 x 1 m. area. Even with six 55w CFLs you have about half that much light.