Last year I tried growing my own marijuana for the first time. I started them inside then transplanted them outside once they got big enough. I had 5 plants and they grew nice and big, about 5 feet (1,5 m) tall, but towards the end of the summer they got all yellow around the base so 1 ripped them out of the ground and they never produced any buds. I started them in April and took them out of the ground in October. What did I do wrong and why didn’t they bud? I’m going to try again so can you tell me how to clone my plants?


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A good activated carbon air filter and ducting system will clean and whisk away hot humid air from your room.

Sounds like you got bad genetics – seeds. Fishing seeds out of a seeded bag of dope works sometimes, but not all the time, especially if the seed is from cannabis imported from tropical or semi-tropical climates. You’re best to ditch the weed you have and buy or acquire seeds or clones with good genetics. I remember going to a large grow room 25 years ago to see some giant 8-foot-tall plants. The plants came from Colombian bagseed. They were huge, but all was said and done 4000w of light yielded two ounces of marginal weed. Your problem sounds similar.

If you are unable to order seeds via the Internet or from a magazine advertisement, continue to pick through good domestic buds until you find seeds. Now, this seed will definitely be better than the tropical weed you have now. You can also look to friends for clones. It would take too long to give you a good explanation with examples in this short answer. You can hit my website and find an article in English about making clones. Here is the direct link:

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