A senior train shunter in Australia has been reinstated to his job after revealing that a positive drug test last April came from accidentally easting spaghetti with marijuana in it. Apparently, the man thought that the herbs found in his kitchen were actual herbs and not the herbal product that could cause a man to lose his job.

Robert Dickson claims that his partner, Megan Bailey, routinely rolled joints on the same bench that she prepared food, and had chopped up the herbs for a pasta sauce in that location. Mixing weed into the sauce cause Dickson to test positive for marijuana two days later, forcing him to lose his job that he had held since 1984.

And, while some might argue that it is ridiculous for Mr. Dickson to lose his job for weed in the first place, keep in mind that a train shunter is someone who joins and separates railroad cars. Sure, it’s still pretty dumb that Dickson would be fired for weed, but one can understand why they are so harsh with their drug rules, considering the danger involved with the job.

It is also nice to see that the job gave Dickson the benefit of the doubt and gave him his job back. Obviously, this story would be difficult to prove, but almost seems too ridiculous to be made up.

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Have you ever chopped pot into your pasta sauce? Wouldn’t it go great with some marijuana wine? Would Dickson have gotten his job back if this had been in America?