Six Long Beach males were detained in a ten million marijuana bust near Torrance Ca. The  potential hydroponic marijuana cultivators were acknowledged as:

1.)    K. Renze – 45 from Lomita, Ca.

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2.)    B. Hershberger – 41. from Torrance, Ca.

3.)    J. Isordia – 21 from Torrance, Ca.

4.)    F. Rozsypal Jr. – 31 from Fullerton, Ca.

5.)    R. Hodge – 46 from Gardena, Ca.

6.)    J. Silva Jr. – 44 from Torrance, Ca.

After the police established a lead to the location of a 30,000 sq. ft. weed warehouse, were a massive pot cultivation setup was in full bloom. The L.A. Co. sheriffs swooped down on the Rancho Dominguez warehouse and detained the men on cultivation and marijuana sales charges.

The warehouse was designed as a “refined pot cultivation setup”. The section of the warehouse that was being utilized as the grow center, held approximately 2,000 seedlings gone wild, now with a projected market value of TEN million dollars.

Five of the marijuana cultivators were popped inside the grow op, on the belief that the group of men were involved in a massive pot cultivation and marijuana sales ring.  The 6th grower was busy trying to leave the scene when he was apprehended with a van full of clones.

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