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Seems to me since the Cartels were already in California to begin with this legalization thing out there has got to be like the wild west.

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All they gotta do now is get a legal relative to get a license and then they can hide behind the law correct? If this was true and once it spread would the violence be far behind?

Now understand I only ask this because I don’t know the situation in the streets of Cali but I know first hand how Cartels work and they usually get what they want they have more money and power than folks wanna admit. If you are an asset and screw up it’s your friends and family that suffer not you,for you will have you purpose when they see fit.

So I guess what I’m asking is when this legelazation started years ago in the counties that were MJ friendly and a guy with a load of cash can buy some land and build a big ass HORSE BARN lol did the violence soon follow and the leaders of these community’s decide the extra money was not worth the hastle?

Either way it’s to late,as we speak roots are set and money is being made and NOBODY will ever give that up without a fight and we are seriously outnumbered.

Had To Ask