San Francisco’s District Attorney reaffirms unequivocal support for medical marijuana after conflicting reports.

Less than a week after major media outlets reported that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon’s office was circulating a memo describing the “continued illegality of selling marijuana,” even by erstwhile legitimate medical marijuana providers, an official spokesperson for the city’s top lawyer has now forcefully denied those reports, confirming that Gascon in fact “unequivocally supports medical marijuana” and that “prosecuting illegal marijuana sales is not a priority.”

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As an elected official in perhaps the nation’s most cannabis-friendly big city, Gascon felt immediate heat over the memo from local medical marijuana activists and patients, who feared the city would soon join the federal government in targeting medical marijuana.

That’s not the kind of political position likely to win over San Francisco’s progressive voters, and it was also highly at odds with Gascon’s previous statements of support for medical cannabis, particularly assurances the former SFPD Police Chief gave prior to winning the District Attorney race last November.

Gascon’s office now not only denies any change of policy, they also point out that the memo in question was written more than three years ago, before he took the office, was sent out without his knowledge, and “does not represent his views on medical marijuana.”


Obviously, this is welcome news to the city’s beleaguered medical cannabis dispensaries, delivery services and other canna-business, already facing a coordinated “crackdown” by federal officials including the US Attorney’s Office and the DEA.

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