A little peek into the tent…

Two of the girls are morphing out of looking indica and blooming sativa-like.

Pushed them a little hard this week, but they seem to like it. I will scale back on the nutrients next reservoir change.

SH “High Feed BLOOM” nutrients tomorrow. I ordered on Tuesday, got confirmation thursday, and BAM! Got it, arrived today! Very impressive! I went into town and picked up “Vita Grow Supermicro, Part A” one part of a three part mix, it’s a 4-14-24 so I was going to use it as a replacement if the SH order didn’t arrive in time.

Speaking of nutes… I pushed a little hard this week, our first real fertilizer burn.

But the results have been noticeable:

Wild hairs

Trichome production

Even the buds not in direct light, are glistening!