Sorry for the infrequent posting lately, I’ve been so on the go, I haven’t taken time to stop and smell the flowers… I’m hoping to get time to catch up , though time will tell…

Saturday morning view from the top…

Like a Gunshot blast!

Seems like the finish line should be just 3 mile ahead, 3 miles ago. It’s getting more crowded in the tent almost exponentially it seems every few days. I’ve been shifting the PG 180 a few inches left… a few inches to the right, angle forward.. back.. every few hours as time permits, essentially making myself a human light mover. Wire ties and branch bending as well to allow more light beneath the canopy.

Front-side view

The bloom, on the biggest plant “Top-Left”, is a bit behind where I hoped to be in terms of mass. But I’ve read that some Blue Mystics wait till the final days to thicken up (I hope), and what she is exhibiting looks and smells exceptional.

The sativa-ish looking duo are definitely a week or two behind the other 3, but they make for more interesting plants. The Calyxes on Low-Right are HUGE, and instead of showing 2 hairs, sometimes there are several per calyx. This one has the sweetest berry-fruity scent and even her main stem is covered in trichomes.

Meanwhile within the canopy… infant nuggets battle to stay dense

We also began the girls on StealthHydro’s “High-Feed” nutrients last week’s reservoir change in addition to a little taste of Beastie Blooms as needed.

All green, no (new) burn, yeah we’re happy! Hope you all are too. Be well everyone!