If you’re a world-famous musician with a predilection for marijuana traveling via tour bus, you should probably steer clear of Sierra Blanca, Texas. Back in late 2010, country music legend Willie Nelson got busted in that small West Texas town with what eventually was determined to be less than two ounces. And, this past weekend, rapper Snoop Dogg was busted in Sierra Blanca for “several joints.”

Nelson eventually pleaded no contest and was fined $500 as well as $280 in court expenses. However, when he was arrested, Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West said of the 77-year-old Nelson, “He could get 180 days in county jail, which, if he does, I’m going to make him cook and clean. He can wear the stripy uniforms just like the other ones do.”

The Must Try legend.

At the time Snoop Dogg sprang to Willie’s defense, saying, “Willie Nelson is a legend … Sometimes you need to back up off of certain people and have a certain amount of respect for your elders. And Willie Nelson is our elder … If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me.”

This weekend it was Snoop’s turn to run afoul of the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s office. During a border inspection agents searched the rapper’s tour bus and brought out a drug sniffing K9. The dog alerted agents to a garbage can where they claim they found a pill bottle containing several joints. They also allegedly found two other containers with marijuana.

Snoop immediately claimed responsibility for the pot and was cited by agents. At this point, Snoop can reportedly pay a $537 fine or challenge the citation in court.


Like a Gunshot blast!

Snoop recently sat down with HIGH TIMES for a feature interview and cover shoot (along with Wiz Khalifa). Keep an eye out for more Snoop in the April 2012 issue of HIGH TIMES.

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