This Review: Aurora Indica, from Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana’s “Aurora Indica” is a wonderful crossing of a classic Northern Light strain with an Indica dominant, Afghani strain. The name itself pays homage to its industry changing heritages and is destined to become a classic in its own right.

Our order of Aurora Indica cannabis seeds (feminized) offered up 3 consistent phenotypes, all easy enough to grow, though may require a little attention to detail in keeping them fed properly and in keeping consistent temperatures. The young plants did not seem to take well to colder conditions early on in the grow. At the start of the 12/12 light cycle the plants were on the smaller side of six weeks old, the bare minimum in my opinion, as to the age of when to bloom. There wasn’t a lot of stretch, or huge spurts of growth after bloom began, so the plants remained fairly small, but both of the first two plants did produce over 28 grams of prime, cured herb.

At the start of 12/12, the second round of Aurora Indica #’s 3 & 4, were already as large or larger than the just harvested #’s 1 & 2, straight out of veg. This run should show the strain to be a decent producer.

Pheno #1 Thin leaf:

Aurora Indica Buds

Cured bud nuggets from Aurora Indica #1

Harvest time for Aurora Indica #1

Pheno #1 – Thin Sativa leaves, ping-pong ball buds!

A Sativa-like leaf structured plant, lightest in color, and taller of the phenotypes. Lanky branching with “ping-pong ball” buds. Mature buds are very reminiscent of Northern Light with a touch of Afghan’s exotic flavor. A very decent producer, in terms of overall size.

Harvested at 9 weeks, she looked as though I could have let it go another few weeks just for fun.
Cured buds are very fruity with notes of sandal wood.

Aurora Indica Trichomes

Aurora Indica #1 shows off her trichomes

The effects hit hard, but lets you remain functionally sharp (mostly), good for taming hyperactivity. You can definitely feel a “headband” or “earmuff” effect promptly, but it subsides within 15 – 30 minutes into a focused, relaxing kind of feeling.

Pheno #2 The Afghan:

LED Grown Aurora Indica Buds

Buds from Aurora Indica #2

Nirvana Seed's - "Aurora Indica"

Pheno #2 proudly displays its Afghani heritage

This pheno is a dead ringer of a classic landrace, dare I say Hindu Kush in physical appearance.The plant stays small/short, the longer you can veg this one, the better!

Budding quickly forms dense colas, along the ends of the profuse branching, though the plant’s small stature reflects that it isn’t a very big producer, what it does produce is amazing. Harvested end of week 7.

Aurora Indica Trichomes

Trichome Close-Up – Aurora Indica #2

The aroma is thick and oily, yet still offers sweet floral notes. This one can and does knock people to the couch for a while, it is an excellent example of a strain good for insomnia/sleep issues. Back pain and spasms are also greatly lightened.

Nearing harvest, Aurora Indica #4 bollos under LED grow lights.

Aurora Indica #4 – Ready to get root flushed, & trimmed – pre-harvest!

The Third Pheno – the hybrid:

We haven’t harvested this two yet, but we have two specimen in bloom currently that are displaying a near perfect trait split between the first two phenotypes.

Physically it is an obvious homogenization of taller growing, bigger budding traits, infused with dense, low-leaf flowering. Production from these should be on par with 350 – 400 grams per meter squared potential in a SOG (sea of green) type set-up.

Regardless of phenotype, Aurora Indica is a very strong Indica dominant hybrid and makes for some fairly easy grows and has great medical applications and potential.

Nirvana Seeds – Aurora Indica:

Week 8 Bloom under Pro-Grow L.E.D. grow lights

At week 8 of budding, Aurora Indica #3 is still packing on growth.

Type: Indica 90% / Sativa 10%
Genetics: Northern Lights x Afghan (f1)
Height: Short
Flower Period: 50-65 days
Outdoor Harvests: September-October
Yields: 300-400 gram
Buzz: Heavy, head and body effects, sedative buzz
Taste/Smell: From spicy/fruity to floral/oily

Bottom line… Aurora Indica is not for the faint of heart and will make regular schwag smokers cry.

Unique ~ Excellent medical properties, Wild aroma & flavors, Solid genetics, Easy to make cuttings from.

Weak ~ Some phenotypes are a little too dense and compact, it is best to veg them out as long as possible (10 weeks +) to maximize harvest.

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