If Strawberry Fields are forever, then Strawberry Cough is forever dank. The Sativa-dominant Hybrid (more on that shortly), is a cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze that is solid meds. As its name would indicate, it has a distinct strawberry air about it and is typically very rich in trichomes (like a strawberry dipped in whipped cream). While Strawberry Cough is not an insanely potent strain, if grown and cured properly, it’s a Grade A beauty.

The weird, almost controversial aspect of Strawberry Cough lies in the debate over its genetics. As you can tell by simply reading this Grass City forum thread, the strain, depending on variants used in growth, can be an Indica dominant-Hybrid at times. While variation (seeds, etc.) is obviously a factor with the outlook of any strain, it’s pretty clear that this holds even more true for Strawberry Cough.

Whatever it is, it’s dank and it’s popular: you can currently find Strawberry Cough in 334 medical marijuana dispensaries.

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