While being a cigarette smoker does not necessarily mean you will smoke just anything, a new study from the University of California at San Francisco notes that tobacco fans are four times more likely to smoke weed than non-smokers.

In the study conducted via Facebook, rates were much higher than any previous study, particularly among smokers age 18-25. Further details of the study are as follows:

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The first phase of the two-part study was used to identify only tobacco smoking patterns. The second phase asked participants to answer a tobacco/marijuana use survey, which utilized data encryption to ensure anonymity and prevent multiple entries.

Of the 3,500 individuals who completed the marijuana and tobacco co-use survey, the team found usage was highest among white people, people from the Northeast, people in rural areas and those who were non-students. Of the 68 percent who said they were daily smokers, 53 percent also said they had used marijuana in the last month.

A couple more interesting tidbits from the study include the fact that residence in a medical marijuana state did not seem to factor in to the number of smokers, and neither did gender, income, or age. This reaffirms something that we have known for a long time: weed is enjoyed at every level of society, regardless of where you are from or how much money you make.

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Do you think that tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking go hand in hand?