The Lake County Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted unanimously to oppose Measure D, the citizen-drafted ordinance that would establish medical marijuana cultivation regulations for the county’s jurisdiction.

Also known as "The Lake County Medical Marijuana Cultivation Act of 2012," Measure D will appear on the local June ballot as a result of an initiative effort.

The act would add to the Lake County Code rules for medical marijuana growth.

Under the proposal, qualified people could grow as many as 12 female plants outdoors on parcels less than one-half acre in certain residential districts and as many as 24 in those same districts on land more than one-half acre.

Additionally, in certain rural, agricultural and other zones, those people could cultivate as many as 36 female plants outdoors on parcels less than five acres, as many as 66 on parcels five to seven acres large and as many as 84 on lots seven acres or larger.

"For people that have legitimate needs and need access to medical marijuana, I don’t think that the number of plants that he or she can grow or have their primary caregiver grow should be based upon the size of their land-holding," District 4 Supervisor Anthony Farrington said Tuesday morning at the Lake County Courthouse.

"It should be based on what their medical needs are," Farrington added.

The Board of Supervisors has "substantive concerns in regard to the negative consequences to Lake County’s environment, economy and quality of life should (Measure D) be adopted," according to the resolution approved by all five supervisors Tuesday.

The resolution states the board worries the proposed ordinance would create conflicts with the county’s Zoning Ordinance and General Plan.

The board’s issues with the measure include the numbers of plants it allows in certain zoning districts, that it treats medical marijuana as an agricultural product and that it does not address indoor cultivation amounts, according to the resolution.

Supporters of Measure D argue the ordinance fulfills the needs of growers, users and community members.

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If the measure fails, the county code would continue to have no specific regulations for medical marijuana cultivation.

The Board of Supervisors approved a county-drafted marijuana-grow ordinance last fall, but rescinded the law in January following a successful referendum petition.

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