Imprisoned last year following a drug raid at his Royal Oak house, Hash Bash organizer and medical marijuana proponent Adam Brook has a growing base of supporters trying to make his time behind bars more comfortable.

Brook, 43, is four months into a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of possessing a firearm while committing a felony.

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He suffers from lymphedema, an incurable condition that causes the legs and arms to swell and is often brought by on cancer treatment. Brook had thyroid cancer.

“Adam is not a well man,” said Melissa Griggs, who is selling “Free Adam Brook Now” T-shirts for $10 each to raise money for his prison store account. “His legs are swollen, the skin is splitting open and he needs special pressurized wraps.”

Griggs acknowledges Brook has no chance for an early release, parole or probation because of the mandatory sentence for his firearm pleas.

However, she said Brook is on a lot of peoples’ minds as plans are made for the 2012 Hash Bash in Ann Arbor, where she also will sell the T-shirts.

Griggs said she is among those who people believe Brook was singled out by Oakland County law enforcement for being a marijuana activist.

“I believe they put him in prison because of who he is,” Griggs said. “He’s a political prisoner. He organized the Hash Bash for 20 years and he was the 1994 High Times freedom fighter of the year.”

Griggs said Brook was at physical therapy when his home was raided on Jan. 12, 2011.

Undercover police with the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team ( NET ) said they seized 600 grams of marijuana, two handguns, a shotgun, a bullet-proof vest, marijuana candy, a triple-beam scale, and a tally sheet with names and prices from Brook’s house on Whitcomb Avenue.

Brook was charged with violating drug and weapons laws. He once had a state-approved medical marijuana card but it had expired and the 1.3 pounds of marijuana he possessed exceeded the 2.5 ounces allowed to medical marijuana patients.

Last October, Brook was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of possessing a firearm while committing a felony. He also pleaded no contest to one count each of delivery and/or manufacture of marijuana and being a felon in possession of a firearm. His prior felony conviction was for carrying a concealed weapon in the late 1980s.

Oakland Circuit Judge Rudy Nichols didn’t sentence Brook to any time for the drug charge or being felon with a firearm. Brook is serving his two years at the Parnell Correctional Facility, a minimum-security prison in Jackson.

With the 41st annual Hash Bash set for April 7, a lot of people are just finding out why Brook doesn’t have a lead role in its organization. Griggs said she is selling donated T-shirts because people want to help him until his Oct. 5, 2013, release date.

“Every cent of the money raised will go to Adam’s commissary account so he can buy decent soap that doesn’t dry out his skin, shampoo, and T-shirts so he isn’t cold,” Griggs said.

Her effort is drawing attention to Brook’s case on social media. One Facebook posting by a supporter says, “He’s in jail for an antique pistol…and a Normandy Beach flak jacket from an American hero that landed on D-Day to save Europe.”

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper refuted that and laughed at the notion Brook is a political prisoner.

“I have no idea who he is,” she said.

Cooper said a black powder six-shot Fillipieta gun found at Brook’s house was alleged to be antique but three other weapons also were seized.

“The antique handgun is not an issue,” Cooper said. “They neglect to talk about the .380 pistol filly loaded in the nightstand, a Remington 1100 shot gun in the closet and a .357 next to a chair.”

Brook’s supporters contend the firearms were legally registered to another person in the household. However, Brook couldn’t be anywhere there was a gun because of the prior felony conviction.

His supporters also say the 600 grams of marijuana at the house were “used up” from a vaporizer process that lets people inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding harmful smoke toxins.

Cooper said marijuana was found in jars and bags and there was scale to measure out quantities. Police also seized Vicodin and THC candy from Brook’s house, she added.

“If we had prosecuted on all drug counts he could be doing two years plus two years,” Cooper said.

Griggs said Brook accepted a plea deal to protect his family from assets being seized. She is selling the “Free Adam Brook Now” T-shirts for $10 each to people who buy them in person from her but has to add packaging and shipping costs to mail orders.

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