Incredibly, the Amsterdam police issued an edict, just hours before the awards, cautioning that any judge toking up in the Melkweg would be warned, then arrested if caught again. Never in the 24 years of the Cup had this event been constrained in such a manner. Fortunately, the audience was free to step outside to smoke – which they did in epic numbers.

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The raid on Borchland was an unimaginably over-the-top affair with 100-plus Dutch cops entering the facility. According to reports, the raid was conducted because of rumors that a “drug park” was being operated at Borchland (an athletic complex outside the city of Amsterdam) and that underage people were in attendance. Much to the chagrin of police, no hard drugs were found, no underage people were in attendance and only one arrest was made. The Expo reopened the next day on schedule and without a hitch. 

The arrest? The legendary Mila of Pollinator fame, who had more hash in her possession than was legally permitted.

Oh well. She was released that day – and it certainly didn’t stop the hash queen of Amsterdam from attending. In fact, she presented the Cannabis Cup for Neder Hash (Best Dutch hash) and, indeed, received a long, raucous ovation of appreciation from the Cup audience. At the end of the night, Barney’s won the prize for top strain, chosen by Cannabis Cup judges in the largest voter turnout ever.

The unprecedented police interest in the Cannabis Cup was hardly daunting for the HIGH TIMES crew. There was never any discussion of shutting down the event and plans for next year’s historic 25th anniversary Cannabis Cup are already underway.

Thanks to all judges and Cannabis Cup vendors for making this event a huge success. Yes, it was marred slightly by police intervention. However, as all of us know in this vibrant cannabis community of ours, the road to free weed is not without potholes. But we’ve been repaving that road for years. Give us time, and cannabis will travel on a superhighway!

Here are the winners from the 24th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam:

1) (tie) Reserva Privada and Reserva Privada Colorado – Kosher Kush

1) (tie) DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada Colorado – Holy Grail Kush

3) Reserva Privada Colorado – Rascal OG Nelson       

Every year HIGH TIMES magazine presents the Freedom Fighter of the Year Award to one extraordinary person who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and effectiveness in the cannabis legalization movement.

This year we are honored and humbled to present the 2011 Freedom Fighter of the Year Award to Debby Goldsberry of California.

At the 24th Cannabis Cup, HIGH TIMES introduced a new award – The Dutch Master Award – for recognition of one outstanding individual in the Dutch cannabis community.


Like a Gunshot blast!

As the leader of the Dutch Passion Seed Company, for 25 years Henk van Dalen has been gathering and selecting the best cannabis genetics from around the world.

We couldn’t ask for a more worthy recipient of the first-ever HIGH TIMES Dutch Master Award. Congratulations to Henk van Dalen!