The 2012 New York Guitar Festival kicked off Friday evening at the Winter Garden Atrium in the World Financial Center by celebrating 30 years of Brian Eno’s album, Apollo: Atmosphere and Soundtracks. The Apollo Project featured an all-star lineup – Mike Gordon (bass) Larry Campbell (guitar) David Torn, Noveller, Jeff Parker and ambient ensemble itsnotyouitsme – playing the album LIVE for the first time ever.

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A tribute to NASA’s Moon landings, Eno’s album imagines very ethereal, peaceful-yet-haunting, moving, and spacey (literally!) sounds and soundscapes. Eno wanted the music to induce a feeling of “weightlessness,” and so there’s no way a note-for-note replication of these highly complicated tracks could be created. Though, if any band could come close, it was this lineup.

This video of the band “jamming” captures the band improvising on their own, after completing the album, and being introduced to the full house at Winter Garden.


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