Day 17 of Bloom, 66 days from seed.

Things in the new bloom tent are going well as the ladies (finally) shift into full bloom.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Oddly, since the switch to 12/12 I’ve had title to no “stretch.” I expected more Sativa like traits, i guess. Blackberry is a Indica/Sativa hybrid, that leans towards sativa’s longer flowering time (9 to 11 weeks), but packs a nice head/body punch with a classic, sweet asian scent & aroma.

Nirvana Blackberry (x2) Medical Cannabis Grow. Week 10, Day 17 of Bloom

Into Day 17 of bloom. Both ladies are bouncing back from my screen mistreatment.

Budlings forming

Finally... Little bud-lings from Plant #2, left side of reservoir.

Medical Marijuana at day 17 of Blooming

A little bud tip emerges from the depths of the screen.

Blooming Cannabis, Medical Marijuana Strain "Blackberry"

Another bud tip raises itself as a contender for the "Med Jar".

Future colas of medical marijuana in growth.

The underside...

Medical marijuana budding under LED grow lights

A slightly closer view of the abused canopy.

Well if nothing else, the coming weeks should bring some sweet pics… And when the ladies are mature enough, a little Bud Pr0N!!!