Nirvana’s Blackberry x 2

Well above 8-10 nodes now, a mess of leaves and branch tips snarl along nicely.

The beginnings of a bunch of tops (hopefully)!

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Strain: Blackberry – Blackberry’s mother, Black Domino, was a marijuana clone sent to the Netherlands from the area around Seattle. Its father is Nirvana’s very own Raspberry Cough. Domino’s tight leaf structure has been preserved well in this marijuana hybrid. Blackberry smoke is thick and heavy with subtle hints of Asian Sativa flavours. Yields are very good for a strain that already displays so many desirable traits.
Vegetative lighting
: 70 watts ± white/blue spectrum LED, using the Pro-Grow 180’s selective spectrum switch first 3 weeks, then full-spectrum (aprox 130-140 watts).
Age (in photograph): 4 weeks, @ 18/6
Medium: 4.5 gallon Bubbleponics
Nutrients: Vita Grow – SuperMicro Dry 4-14-24, and FastGrow Dry 17-0-0 (at 50% recommended strength)

Medicinal Marijuana - Two Blackberry in the 4th week of vegetation.

The VitaGro nutrients are potent... I'll scale back the nitrogen, just a little..

The beginnings of a bunch of tops (hopefully)!

Running some FIM and wire/LST, should provide nice branching and tops.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Both plants are well above 8-10 nodes now, this cannabis plant in the pic above, is being trained to grow more lateral branching. The goal is for about 6 – 8 tops per plant. If it gets crazier than that , we’re SCROG-ing it!