Blue Mystic Autoflower – Feminized

Nirvana has reintroduced their flagship strains as auto-flower varieties!

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One of three Blue Mystic Auto-flower phenotypes grown from seeds provided by: Nirvana Shop Seeds.

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Description Blue Mystic was especially selected for its soft blue hues, which appear roughly halfway into flowering. Blue Mystic grows in a very similar manner to Northern Light, showing all the desirable qualities of that marijuana strain, with the added appeal of its own colourful appearance and the faintly berry-like aftertaste of its smoke. Compared to many other marijuana strains, Blue Mystic maintains a neutral smell while growing.
Indica / Sativa: Predominantly Indica
Plant type: Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant height: Short
Effect: Stoned (body buzz, relaxing effect)
Flavour: fruity / herbal
Average yield: 200 – 300 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 5 – 7 weeks
White strain: Yes
Medical: No
Feminized: Yes

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