Early smoke report…

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.
  • Low-Left: She was clipped 60/40% milky/clear.
  • Yield: 12 grams, manicured.
  • Smoke: Very mild almost neutral, but smooth & pleasant on the inhale. Expands in the chest gently, and I get a head rush on the exhale with a faint diesel-fuel aroma.
  • Effect: A head-trip (for sure) and body mix, comes on like a lion and out like a lamb. Spacey & energetic.

Top-Mid: 80% Milky, 20% clear/ambering

  • Yield: 7 grams, manicured.
  • No reports yet, I’m trying to let her cure out in the jar for at least 2 weeks

We are at week 9 of 12/12, Top-Mid and Low-Left got the chop today, Trichs on them started changing last week, and exponentially every day since.  The timing seemed right, so after re-checking them, It was go! A quick cut and rough trim and into the box to dry.

The remans of Top-Mid and Low-Left

The remains of Top-Mid and Low-Left.

The last two Blue Mystics remain…
Top-Left and Low-Right are the two that made the most of their spaces early. No new growth on TL, her trichs are mostly clear, but the change seems to be kicking in. Low-Right is really close as well, but just may be adding a list-ditch effort to procreate, as I noticed several new white hairs popping up on some of the main buds. The one seed she has (that I can see anyway), is nearly ripe as well.

The Remaining two Blue Mystics heading into week 9 of 12/12.

The Remaining two Blue Mystics heading into week week 9 of 12/12.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Top-Left form the back-side, or the "dark side of the moon" as I sometimes call it.

Blue Mystic - Medical Cannabis

Nothing remarkably massive, but there are quite a few of these "little tops".