Like a Gunshot blast!

Since the fine folks behind the wildly popular blog, are known heshers, it should come as no surprise that their inaugural full-scale music festival, The Metal Suckfest, features several bands that support marijuana reform – and the art of partying.


Set to go down this weekend at New York City’s Gramercy Theatre, the two-night affair will feature headliners Municipal Waste and Cynic, plus heavyweights like God Forbid, Today is the Day, Obscura, The Red Chord, Black Tusk, Fight Amp, and a ton of others. 


And unlike most music festivals, this one won’t leave you without weed money. Get tickets now, or pick them up at the door. I expect to see y’all there for the cred alone. #mosh


For more on The Metal Suckfest, check out their site.