The New Grow Room

Sided, sealed & ventilated - The Grow Room 2.0!

It’s been a long time coming, and though there are still a few items to do, and many things in disarray, the new grow room is operational!

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

The stats are; 14′ wide  –  8′ deep  –  9′ tall. Drywall exterior, insulated 2×4 walls with reflective foam panel interior. I have a small 8000 BTU AC unit, cooling/dehumidifying. Cycling carbon-filter/fan set up clears the room every 15 minutes, via filtered (non-hepa, electrostatic) air intake.

I am currently still utilizing the tents, as I’m running differing light schedules. I am also working on adding better ambient lighting, for my eyes as well as taking photos.

The New Veg-Box is a real improvement.  The plants are all at waist high, on a table making for very easy access & better ability to inspect & preen. The base is a solid 4’x4′ area with additional space for foliage, going upward. We’re keeping the Pro-Grow 26o busy, as most of our “veg” plants are now well over 2 feet tall, inching closer to 3′ every day, and the remaining 2 Northern Light Auto-flower plants are still about 2-3 weeks from harvest.

Northern Light Autoflowers bud under Pro-Grow 260 LED Grow Lights

The new Veg-Box - Bigger, better, more of everything!

In the Bloom-Tent, we’ve gone all mad scientist. I have the Pro-Grow 400 covering the core area, there are some rather large plants. In addition to the Aurora Indica cuttings, one plant  in particular, a Bubblelicious from seed that is about 3 feet tall, about 3 feet wide, and insanely dense. I didn’t want to have to prune or lollypop it, as I’d be losing ounces and ounces of vegetative growth. I  am now running the Pro-Grow 180 in addition, as a low, horizontal side lighting supplement. I’m trying for arm length colas, fat & sticky from tip to stem! If she remains healthy and buds out normally over the next 6 weeks, it will no doubt be the largest plant I’ve ever grown.

Nirvana's Bubblelicious, week 2 of budding under Pro-Grow LED Grow Lights

Our Bubblelicious is massive enough to warrant top AND side lighting!

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

Now in sequestered darkness for a few days, our White Widow #3 cutting that bloomed quietly under the Pro-Grow 180 is nearing her peak. For a neglected, underfed/watered plant, she has produced some amazing bud clusters that were heavy enough to require staking. Bright red hairs protrude over a landscape of trichomes that sparkle and highlight the lime green calyxes beneath them.

Week 9 Bloom - Nirvana White Widow

The last remaining days of our White Widow #3 clone... Week 9 of budding and oh so ready!