The New Pro-Grow 400X LED Grow Light

The New Pro-Grow 400X LED Grow Light from Hydroponics Hut

The New Pro-Grow 400X. X-lens equipped – 3 watt chip-sets, 350 watts full draw with an amazingly quiet fan/cooling system is Hydroponics latest addition to their LED grow light product line-up.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

While many LED vendors are on a “more is more” quest, upping wattage & using larger chip-sets to improve yields, Hydroponics Hut has taken a similar but more refined approach of looking at and focusing on overall efficiency. With the addition of the “X” line, I have actually been able to produce as much or more using progressively lower wattage lamps with improved spectral output and X-lens enhancements for better penetration & coverage than similar higher wattage lamps, with The original Pro-Grow X5 garden as a perfect example.

Nirvana's Eldorado Mexican Sativa from week 1...

Nirvana’s Eldorado Mexican Sativa from week 1…

The Pro-Grow X5 uses less power than the Pro-Grow 550 and nearly half the power of our 600 watt HPS, yet was able to produce similar results in a more confined area!

The dual spectra options allow for additional power savings as well, when run individually, the combined spectra produces fast, dense vegetative & bud growth!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Eldorado Mexican Sativa

Early bud sites on our Eldorado Mexican Sativa

At about twice the physical size of the Pro-Grow 260X, the new Pro-Grow 400X easily doubles the coverage area of its “closet killer” sibling, yet runs noticeably cooler than the Pro-Grow 550 thanks to an improver fan cooling system, and more efficient chip-sets.

Eldorado Mexican Sativa from Nirvana

Dense pre-bud sites on an Eldorado Mexican Sativa

Our chosen strain of Nirvana Seed’s Mexican Sativa “Eldorado” should really put the Pro-Grow 400X through its paces. This strain can easily double in size (and more) during the early weeks or bloom (stretch). THus far the intense blue spectra has kept new budding growth dense & fairly tight. A very important detail when you are confined for vertical space.

More to follow… Check back!