01-25-2012: Pro-Grow 260 Veg-Garden

Last week's shot form the Pro-Grow 260 Veg-Garden

When you find something that just works, it is easy to take it for granted and not give it too much thought.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

In the midst of much of the focus being on the “Pro-Grow 400, Round 1 Garden” and the Bubbleponics/Pro-Grow 180 Blue Mystic bloom, our utility player, the Pro-Grow 260 (a late 2010 model) has been running 18/6, cranking out seedlings, cuttings, and blooming out 3, sweet Northern Light autoflowers from our in-house pollenated seeds done a few grows ago.

My bottleneck right now, is the age old indoor culprit – lack of space… We’re needing to get our veg-lings bigger, prior to placing them into 12/12, but space is a precious commodity.

As a rule, I always like to drop an auto-flower or two into the Veg-Garden, I figure why not? There’s always room to bloom…though right now, 3 autos are a bit much, as they are space-hogs, and well it seems, you always give flowering plants a little more love than vegetating plants, I don’t know why, it’s just the way it is 😉 Nonetheless, it is important to not let extracurricular blooming un-focus you from the task on hand  – Vegging bitching plants.

Seeing as how our 3 autoflowering, Northern Light offspring are stretching out and filling in, I guess I shouldn’t whine.

The Autoflower-trio this week…

Northern Light Auto offspring #2 Day 24 bloom.

Blooming right along, Northern Light Autoflower #2 (Gen 1 offspring) under a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light

Autoflower marijuana strain blooming under LED grow lights

NLAo #1 - Nirvana's stable breeding & genetics show through, with of all our in-house grown NLA offspring inheriting the "auto" trait.

NLAo #1 was the largest of the bunch, until an unfortunate dropping of a 3gallon soil container on her and NLAo #3, nearly crushed the life out of them. We lost several nice branches on both plants, being that they are autoflowers, I was afraid they wouldn’t recover very well and we’d get runted stunts (or is it stunted runts?). With limbs broken or smashed, root bases torn, growth was shocky and bloom delayed by a good week or two, but after some TLC, rooting hormones and time they’ve emerged with a blooming vengeance. Thankfully!

Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light Veg-Garden

The last to kick into auto-flowering, NLAo #3 (Gen 1 offspring) makes up for lost time...

Recessive dwarfism cannabis mutation

NLAo #4 - Sometimes no amount of love or nutrients will help...

For a while, I didn’t think Northern Light Autoflower offspring #3 (NLAo #3) was going to auto at all. I’ve found this particular auto strain to declare within week 3 going into week 4 from seed. Once they declare, it’s within a week bloom ensues and things really begin to explode. Even before the ‘crushing’ accident, she’d yet to show any promise of bloom.

I think we are in a 4 week countdown, until NLAo #2 is near harvest and about 6-7 weeks on NLAo #’s 1 and 3.

There was one mal-phenotype… NLAo #4. Northern Light Autoflower #4 was a runt seed, I mean abnormally small. I had a feeling I’d be disappointed, but the sense of wonder & curiosity usually win out. I kept her for over 6 weeks, then sadly one day, I needed the space & pot she was in.