Medical Marijuana growing under Pro-Grow LEDs
The Pro-Grow 400 – Still bloomin’!

I wanted to toss in an update on the Pro-Grow 400. Since the Round #2 grow successfully finished, I thought I’d try even bigger plants this time. The tallest, at over 4 feet is our Jock Horror cutting, followed by the Aurora Indica #3 cutting – damn near 4 feet tall too. But the prize plumper is Bubblelicious. Just over 3 feet tall, she is over 3.5 feet wide and is packing on mass like there’s no tomorrow. It got so thick, rather than thinning & lollipopping, I side mounted the Pro-Grow 180 in a vertical fashion, originally, but have since moved it to hang low over the far side of the plant.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Over the last week potassium and manganese deficiencies cropped up fast. It is probably a good time to flush the roots anyway, but it’s a big plant in a 5 gallon pot, easier said than done. I’d say at most she only has two weeks left.

LED grown Marijuana

The Pro-Grow 400 gets a little help from the Pro-Grow 180 for side lighting

Nirvana's Bubblelicious budding under LED grow lights

Nirvana’s “Bubblelicious” – 3.5 ft. wide, 3 ft. tall at mid week 6 of bloom.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Main top on our Bubblelicious blooming under the Pro-Grow 400

Thick, heavy colas are filling in by the day as branches bend & sag under the weight of the buds

At harvest….

Pro-Grow 400 LED Grow light - Bubblelicious

Thick, sticky, sweet – Nirvana Bubblelicious