The long lost update…

Eldorado, Nirvana Seeds

Strain: Eldorado, Nirvana Seeds

I’ve had many requests and have been scrambling to reassemble the cryptic notes and few photos I have of this grow, so please bear with me.

The total dried weight of the “primo” bud was at 10.3 ounces (290 grams). We also had another 2 ounces of loose bud & trim.

I humbly apologize to you all and to the Pro-Grow 400X and the good folks at Hydroponics Hut, as this journal wasn’t up to the standards you all have become accustomed to.


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From about mid-bloom to the harvest I lost two family members in unrelated and unexpected incidents, which required cross country voyages and really took me out of the update loop.  Let’s see, what else… Oh, I then broke my one and only camera, a long heat wave I was unprepared for reaped havoc on the plants, (call whambulance now), etc. Long story short “life happened”.

Bud from Nirvana's Eldorado

One of the average nuggets from the lower and inner branches

I was gone while the harvested buds dried, the patient this was grown for was very impatient, came  took most of the harvest prior to my return. The pics here are of the remaining “personal” buds I have left.

The buds smell of hardwood and citrus, the flavor is sandal woody and the effects are very powerful!

Eldorado buds, Nirvana Seeds

A few buds of what remained from the Eldorado harvest

I am working on putting together another 400X journal soon, Haven’t decided on a 4-6 plant autoflower grow, or perhaps something more exotic Sterling Haze, Kaya Gold, Maui Waui…