Afghan Kush and Critical+Sensi Star

Beautiful dense growth down low, tall tight-noded branches above.

If you’ve read any history on my journals, you’ll see my distracted mindset whilst plants are in veg. I have a hard time continually documenting what seems unchanging, whereas in bloom every day is fun to follow. The Pro-Grow 550 has changed my views on veg, as I’ve been really having to stay on top of things.

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Week 9 veg under the Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light

Both plants have taken well to the Pro-Grow 550

Healthy plants under LED grow lights

Nice, long soon to be colas!

I’ve been working the LST (Low Stress Training) to produce several vertical tops for each plant. The Afghan Kush has responded well, producing long limbs with tight nod spacing that should produce some magnificent colas.

9 week old Afghan Kush

The Afghan Kush easily camouflages the 1qt powerade bottle.

Critical+Sensi Star, wek 9 veg

Not the best angle, but Critical+Sensi Star is a gorgeous plant.

My plan was to veg 10 weeks then drop into bloom, things are looking right on target. Check back!

Like a Gunshot blast!

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