The Critical Sensi’s trichomes are 60% cloudy with some going amber and few still clear. There were virtually no white hairs on the upper colas and buds. I did find a few male stamen (pollen sacks, boy bananas) emerging in the lowest buds near the main stem, which were promptly clipped & carefully removed from the room. It seemed a good a time as any to harvest her.

The Must Try legend.

Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light

Afghan (L), Critical Sensi (R), Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light (center)

Afghan Kush - Pre harvest

Afghan Kush tips still producing hairs, & trichomes.

After harvesting only the lower limbs, I’m letting the Afghan Kush go another week or so as the tops were showing a multitude of new bud growth. Since the lower buds weren’t looking as though they’d gain any more mass, I though I’d remove those and let the remaining main colas max-out. Trichomes are a mix of mostly clear to cloudy.

The Critical Sensi Star – At Harvest

Critical Sensi Star tops

Critical Sensi Star tops, grown under the Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light.

I started harvesting from the bottom up this time, I find it makes me much more detail oriented in th eoverall harvest.

Once the stakes were pulled & support  wires were cut, tentacles of buds & colas fell to the sides.

Critical+ Sensi Star at harvest

A sprawling web of sticky Critical Sensi Star colas & buds


Lower side colas got enough light to fatten up

Lower side colas got enough light to fatten up

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

The ample lighting from the Pro-Grow 550 penetrated well enough to catch the lower, outer cola tips. Inner buds that did not get the direct lighting were thankfully few, but very small.

Not the wrist thick colas like the X5 LED produced, but damn fine!

Not the wrist thick colas like the X5 LED produced, but damn fine!

I left the small inner buds on the branches till the last cola was removed & manicured.

Critical Sensi Star top

The Last Cola…

From there the small buds were trimmed and thrown into the hash box to dry.

how to grow weed

The Afghan will live another week. Her top colas are looking amazing and I hope to finish fattening them up this week.

Check back next week and we’ll have the weight on the Critical Sensi Star harvest, as well as new pics from the Afghan Kush!

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