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Afghan Kush


When I decided on running the Pro-Grow 550, I was asked “How big of a space are you going to run this in?”. I figured the roughly 4.5′ x 4′ chamber would suffice for two Indica strains (a landrace Afghan Kush and a Critical + Sensi Star), but after a 9 weeks from seed and only a few days into 12/12, I think I may need a larger space for them.

Critical + Sensi Star ready to bloom

Ready to flower – Critical + Sensi Star

Though the Pro-Grow 550 doesn’t have the same focused intensity of its X-Lensed sibling the Pro-Grow X5, it has a nice even spread that seems to cover and saturate light from corner to corner and that made for an excellent & explosive veg (18/6). No matter how many branches or tops are tied down, it’s only a matter of hours before the bent tips race back upward.

Over the next week both plants should be set into bloom, from there after the coming weeks should bring on budding at an exponential pace.

Profuse branching & ideal node spacing allows for thick budding colas

Interestingly, as I was trimming the Afghan Kush I noticed an instance or two of Polyploid traits. At the branch points, where you normally have two opposing fan-leaves on a stem, there were three. A little trifecta of fan leaves & future branches, sadly I hadn’t noticed until after clipping & trimming, when the branch was in the pruned pile.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

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