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Day 38 of bloom under the Pro-Grow 550 LED grow light.

Afghan Kush & Critical Sensi Star bud under LED grow lights

Branches begin to spread as buds thicken & colas grow heavier

After a recent inspecting & trimming, I recently swapped the position of the plants. So if you’ve been following along, the Critical Sensi Star is now on the left side & the Afghani Kush on the right. I try to move or rotate my plants as size & space allow, usually on a daily basis. But with these two being too large to handle daily, I move or rotate once a week or so, when I remove them for inspecting & trimming.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

A methodical weekly inspection of your plants is essential. Issues from bug infestation to nutrient deficiency can be caught before they get out of hand and treated appropriately.

Critical Sensi Star buds under an LED grow light

A lower cola buds well under LED grow lights

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As buds begin to gain mass, branches will often sag. I used to go crazy trying to stake them up to their former positions, but I noticed that the “sag” often times will open up the plant’s inner buds & branches to more light. Wow, almost as if it were designed to do that naturally! 😉 I do still do some staking to position branches more efficiently, but utilize the natural sagging of the budded branches to open things up.

Day 38 of budding – Afghan Kush

Trichome development on the Afghan Kush is exceptional under the LED grow lights

With anywhere from 3 – 4 weeks remaining in the bloom cycle, the main goal is still to keep the plants healthy to the near end. Thus far we’ve been blessed with ass-kicking lighting & stellar genetics, now it’s up to time to see how it all turns out!

Check beck next week!

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