Week 6 into 7 of Bloom…

Day 42 of budding under LED grow lights

Critical Sensi Star (Left), Landrace Afghan (Right), day 42 of bloom

We’re past the halfway point in bloom and though harvest seems a mere few weeks away there is still lots to do to keep them at their best till the very end. Lower fan leaves are showing signs of P deficiency, the plants are still consuming water & nutrients eagerly. A big fear at this point is hermaphroditism (development of male stamen that produce pollen) producing seed, I try to inspect the plants 3 – 4 times a week now.

I am going to start trimming back fan leaves, and bump up the P and K one last time, then it’s plain water till harvest.

The Must Try legend.

Most likely too, I may lower the Pro-Grow 550 closer to the budding canopy for the final weeks. From start the lamp was at least 24″ from the canopy. The colas were allowed to grow upward towards the light, but bent down or repositioned if they appeared too close to the lamp.

Afghan Kush

A beautiful specimen, our landrace Afghan Kush adjusts to indoor life.

LED grown Afghan Kush

Narrow spear tipped colas, covered in trichomes. The stuff hashish dreams are made of.

The Afghan Kush is simply a beautiful plant. Being of wild or possibly ferral seed origin, it is easy to contrast it’s traits against more hybridized strains like the Critical Sensi Star. Lankier, with more slender colas, a higher leaf to bud ratio and a slightly less and a efficient indoor growth pattern would seem to be a disappointment in most cases, but her extreme trichome production, ever changing aromas and reputation of her Afghan heritage, should make for excellent meds when grow to perfection.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Critical Sensi Star, day 42 bloom

Critical Sensi Star’s hybrid heritage shows.

I know less about the Critical Sensi Star, but her copious buds are rock hard solid and still continuing to gain mass. I am detecting light citrus aromas, but it’s hard to pinpoint. I do know I LOVE Sensi Star, so I hope this Critical Sensi Star lives up to her parentage.

Afghan Kush, day 42 bloom

Afghan Kush, day 42 bloom

Critical Sensi Star, day 42 bloom

Critical Sensi Star, day 42 bloom

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