Sorry… This update should have been posted last week. I found it this morning in the drafts folder. No bueno!

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Critical Sensi Star colas

Day 47 of bloom, Critical Sensi Star colas

The video & pics are about 2 days apart, but as week  7 settles in, everything seems to be getting ready for one last push of bloom growth before the end of their life cycle. Fan leaves are withering, colors changing and colas and buds swelling.

The Critical+ Sensi Star’s hybridized heritage shows through. THough not as trichome encrusted as our landrace Afghan Kush, the calyx to leaf ratio is very high and should make for a quick manicuring after harvest..

Critical Sensi Star - Pro Grow 550 LED grow light

Day 47 of bloom, Critical Sensi Star colas

Landrace Afghan Kush in bloom

Afghan Kush, day 47 bloom under a Pr-Grow 550 LED.

I am looking to harvesting this plant. It isn’t a large producer by any means, but shows great potential for cross breeding. If the sedative effects are on par with the “Afghan” reputation, I should be plenty happy.

The Afghan Kush is pushing new white hairs & floral growth along her slender colas, as the loser buds explode with trichomes galore!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Afghan Kush, day 47 bloom.

Afghan Kush, lower top.

I just flushed both plants, and am looking at a two week window (give or take) till harvest.

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