Trichome coated buds under LED grow lights

The Pro-Grow X5 – Using X-Lens Tech

I’ve been seeing more and more LED set-ups that are following the X-Lens trend, including a few of Hydroponics Hut’s new “X” models. For an small-medium area grows they work great, the X-lenses focus the light energy concentrating it within the area. This is perfect for closely grouped plants (think SOG), but for larger plants or mixed sizes in larger pots things are a bit different, as there is often more space between the plants, thus coverage is needed more than vertical intensity. Figuring that the Pro-Grow 400 runs about 250 watts actual draw in full spectra, that’s similar the actual output of the Pro-Grow 260X but as I said they are the same tool, but built for two different jobs.

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Afghan Kush & a Critical x Sensi Star

The Afghan Kush & a Critical x Sensi Star bask in the LED goodness

The last major grow I did with a conventional lensed LEDs was the Round #2 Pro-Grow 400 garden. Currently, I have a Critical Sensi Star hybrid and a landrace Afghani which looks to be as close to pure indica as they come and both seedlings are about 5 weeks from seed, were sprouted under the Pro-Grow 400, and have been under the Pro-Grow 550 for a week now. I’ve begun LST to get these tight node strains to produce more vertical branch growth, and will switch to dual spectra any day now and will continue vegetation until they fill the space (reasonably).

Go big or go home… The Pro-Grow 550 – 470 watts of LED grow power

We’ve seen what the Pro-Grow X5 can do in a similar space, and I’ve stated before that the PG-400 will surely replace a 400 watt HPS and even give a 600 watter a run for its money, so it should prove very interesting to see what Hydroponics Hut’s Pro-Grow 550 will do.

Hydroponics Hut's Pro-Grow 550

Critical x Sensi Star seedling beneath the Pro-Grow 550 LED (in Veg mode).

Afghan Kush & a Critical x Sensi Star

I’m very eager to see how these strains do!

Grow Stats

Enclosed 53″x47″ area

1 – Critical x Sensi Star (4 gallon fabric pot)
1 – Landrace Afghani (3 gallon fabric pot)

Soil, Fox Farm Ocean Forest

General Organics “GO Box” Line.

Pro-Grow 550 @ 18/6 veg

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