Saturday – Day 87 from seed, day 45 of bloom…

Yesterday as I was opening the the tent to inspect the plants I noticed a piece of debris on a leaf of the frontmost plant. On closer inspection I realized it was a dried, fully bloomed & detached male flower.

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I carefully extracted the pollen factory with a drop of soapy water & a cotton swab. At all outward appearances I couldn’t find any signs of male flowers on any of the plants. A few seeds starting on Low-Right (one of the small sativa-like ones), but not much else. If you see one male flower there are others! But where?

Sunday – Day 88 from seed, day 46 of bloom…

Sadly this morning, during the reservoir change, my girlfriend discovered that Top-Right, the second sativa-like plant was spotted with seeds throughout its right side. Though I could find no male flowers on her, or any of the others, I decided to pull her. I theorized, based on the seed disbursal pattern as the plants on the left showed seeding only on 2 clusters (the two nearest Top-Right), that Top-Right was the pollinator. It’s really sad because she was the most trichome coated of the group and was just  at least 3 weeks out from primetime.

As to the others, best we can hope, based on a close inspection, is that they are fine.

Most of the buds on Top-Left appear nearly mature, a week, two tops to harvest, trichomes are clouding up, there are a few seeds on 2 smaller tops.

Top-Left, the biggest, most aggressive plant. If there is any decent yield, it's coming from her.

Low-Right has obvious seeds forming, not too bad though, she’s still 3-4 weeks away from harvest.

Low-Right, lanky, sativa-ish and small, but resin coated, & a Berry-on-Steroids aroma.

Low-Left is plugging away, doing the bees she can with her cramped space, no seeds found on her. 2-3 weeks tops till she’s prime.

Low-Left is dwarfed by her sibling, but is sweet & sticky!

Top-Mid, consists of 1 main top, 1 smaller top and small lower clusters, 2-3 weeks tops till she’s prime.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Top-Mid is the quiet one of the bunch, with a soft sweet aroma that I look forward to getting to know better

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Top-RIght was my favorite all along, but I had to cull her as she was seeded & a pollinator.

Top-RIght is gone now. I believe she is the hermaphrodite of the group.