While reading the anti-marijuana legalization letter by Capt. Charles Wood, I came to a sentence that almost made me spit out my coffee in amazement ( “Marijuana isn’t safe,” March 19 ).

He wrote that marijuana promotes violence, and as his evidence, he mentioned “the headless bodies piling up in Mexico.”

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Yes, there is a lot of drug violence in Mexico, as there was a lot of violence because of Prohibition in the 1920s.

We have been ignoring the lessons of Prohibition for the past 75 or so years. The reason there is so much violence associated with marijuana is not because of the drug itself; it is the prohibitions.

Taking marijuana does not make one violent; if anything, it makes one less violent. Marijuana users don’t get into intoxicated fights.

Does the captain know how many cases of alcohol-fueled violence per year there is in Waukesha vs. marijuana-fueled violence?

Neither drug, of course, should be illegal. The fact is, the drug war is an industry. It makes many people very wealthy.

It allows police departments to seize your property even if you yourself aren’t charged with a crime.

Innocent people are killed in the dead of night in SWAT raids on wrong houses.

Indeed, almost all deaths associated from marijuana have nothing to do with the drug itself, but raids such as this and the violence fueled by it being illegal.

It’s time to end this stupid war.

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