As we have had many requests in the past to share our list of favorite outdoor strains with you and the season for outdoor growers is starting at the moment, we have decided to publish our Top 10 of favorite outdoor seeds. Of course there are hundreds of strains on the market that are suitable for outdoor growing and many of them are good, quality strains, but which ones are a 100% safe choice? The list we will share with you is of course our personal list, based on our own personal experience and the experience of people we know and trust and whose opinion matters and makes sense to us. Of course there are many excellent strains that might be missing from the list, but it means we don’t have any experience with them, so keep this in mind. We do hope that our readers will get some useful knowledge from our ‘Top 10 Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds’ list and of course comments are very much welcome. Have a good season everybody! Let it grow!

Top 10 Best Outdoor Seeds