I’m sure the DanversCares prevention coalition means well (“DanversCares stands up against marijuana use,” March 12, 2012), but similar groups throughout the U.S. are typically misinformed about cannabis and are acting out of fear rather than the actual truth.

Cannabis ( marijuana ) is never prescribed; it is only recommended by physicians due to the risk of government punishing them and taking away their license.

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Cannabis isn’t a “drug,” but rather a relatively safe God-given plant as described on the first page of the Bible.

It has been studied throughout the world for more than 5,000 years and has clearly been shown to have medical value.

Caging sick humans for using cannabis is Lucifer-esque.

Existing prohibitions were passed based on lies, half-truths and propaganda.

If cannabis were never prohibited to begin with, there would not be a rational or moral reason to make it illegal today.

Further, the 2010 youth risk survey at Danvers High School indicates cannabis prohibition doesn’t even achieve its goals of keeping the plant away from youths.

Throughout America, surveys indicate young people can acquire cannabis easier than cigarettes because tobacco is regulated and not sold to minors.

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