White Widow cola grown under LED grow lights

At week 7, Nirvana's "White Widow" begins to earn her name

Grow Weed Easy!

Mature buds on an Afghani phenotype, Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica #2 - week 7, roots flushed and nearly ready for harvest

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

With just 3 of the original plants remaining and all at week 7 of bloom, “Round 1” of my getting to know the Pro-Grow 400 gears down. I am now looking forward to a “proper” grow this time around, rather than a “out of necessity, bloom whatever” grow, as was Round 1. With the first two “Round 2” plants out of the Veg-Tent (2 new Aurora Indicas from seed) and ready for 12/12, already near or exceeding the size of our matured, budded week 7 trio, the wonder sets in as to how BIG can we go with the Pro-Grow 400?

Nirvana Seed's Blue Mystic at week 7 of bloom

Fat, sticky Blue Mystic colas but this phenotype is sans aromatics.