Two Detroit Lions Popped for Pot

by Mark Miller

Fri, Apr 06, 2012 6:53 pm

The 2011 Detroit Lions enjoyed their most successful season of the 21st century, finally reaching the NFL playoffs for the first time since 1999 – but apparently, their two highest drafted rookies from last year still haven’t stopped celebrating.

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley was busted in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama on Tuesday. Fairley was pulled over for speeding in his Cadillac Escalade near his mother’s residence after police officers responded to neighbors’ complaints of his reckless driving.

An officer allegedly detected the aroma of marijuana coming from Fairley’s Caddy and spotted some pot in the ashtray. Even though it was only a misdemeanor charge, Fairley and a passenger were booked in Mobile metro jail, where the Lions’ first-round pick in 2011 – and defensive star of the 2010 Auburn University national championship team – was released after posting $1,000 bail.

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Fairley’s arrest came on the heels of the revelation this week that his teammate, Lions running back Mikel Leshoure, allegedly ate the marijuana he was in possession of when busted on March 12 in southwest Michigan.

An officer allegedly witnessed Leshoure chewing on the bud and saw pieces of pot on the tailback’s shirt in what is being described as an attempt to swallow the evidence. According to reports, Leshoure told the cops he was eating potpourri, but the police decided it was more likely pot.

To date, Leshoure has more pot arrests under his belt than he does yards gained in the NFL – the second-round draft pick out of the University of Illinois was on injured reserve for all of the ’11 pro campaign. On February 18 Leshoure was popped for pot in Benton Township, also in southwest Michigan.

Not surprisingly, both of Leshoure’s busts came while he was driving, and for the first arrest he paid a $485 fine. But for the more recent incident, Leshoure failed to show up to court on Monday and was facing a bench warrant. He did appear on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of possession. Leshoure is due back in court on May 11.

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That two Lions players were busted for pot in such a short time span should surprise no one; previous HIGH TIMES articles on the subject have quoted NFL analysts who have estimated that up to 50 percent of all pro football players use marijuana.

However, sooner or later these high-profile athletes are going to have to learn to keep the weed at home and out of the car, and that way, the only time their names will appear in headlines is when they’re starring on Sundays.