It’s no secret that LED grow lights are excellent at the vegetative growth stage of medical marijuana plants, but just how good is the growth? The Pro Grow 260 LED grow light has already shown it’s ability to bloom rock hard, sticky buds (autoflower @ 18/6) but it really shined at vegging my poor, neglected cuttings & seedlings.

It always happens with me, as soon as I get a plant or two blooming, I tend to give all my attention to the bloomers and not the sprouts & cuttings – No bueno! Compounding the issue, I had way too many cuttings & seedlings that were hybrids or Sativa dominant, so most of those were given away (and we’ve started some Indica favorites), but I realized I’d let the vegetative plants go a bit too long without proper care.

The Vegetation tent for medical marijuana

Even as the budding autoflower plants hog the light, the Pro-Grow 260 throws down more than enough light to keep the vegetative plants dense & thriving!

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Though the remaining veg plants were showing signs of minor deficiencies, as I did some pruning & trimming I was blown-away at how dense the growth is, the nodes are nice & tight, even well below the canopy.

I know LEDs can veg plants with the best of them, but the fact I was focusing the bulk of the light on budding out the autoflowers, concerned me a bit as to how lankey & stretchy the seedlings & cuttings would be, yet their fast growth, all of it, was as tight & dense as you’d want it. Again, I was impressed!

In the corners, are seedlings and pictured here, 2 Blackberry cuttings.

The cuttings & seedlings on the edges, get turned at least once a day and have more than enough light!

My tallest vegetative plant (below), not only is exhibiting fast growth, but the nodes (bud sites), are plentiful & tight.

Good lighting = Dense tight nodes!

Though this cutting is on the outskirts of the optimal light zone, the Pro Grow 260 still provides dense green growth!

{adinserter Ad in-Story} Back to the Bloomers… The Northern Light Autos #1 & #3, are both within a week or two of harvest. I can already say after a small sample that Northern Light Autoflower #3 is absolutely the most tasty, best smelling, absolutely gorgeous plant I’ve had the pleasure to know. I’ve never had Northern Light before, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about… Nirvana Seeds – you knocked this one outta the park! If it wasn’t an auto, I’d mother this one so fast… No doubt I will be ordering more Northern Light Autoflower seeds, as well as trying the feminized, photoperiod Northern Light seeds. I have 2 of the 5 Northern Light Autoflower seeds remaining, needless to say they’re being sprouted ASAP!!!