Video footage of a scuffle between federal agents and medical marijuana activists outside of Oaksterdam University has surfaced. has posted a video showing agents – primarily US Marshals – tackling and arresting a local radio station correspondent, Jose Gutierrez.

After Oaksterdam and four other properties in Oakland were raided by DEA, IRS and US Marshals Services agents Monday morning, hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the barricaded school. Two arrests were reported as a result of the protest. Danielle Schumacher of the West Coast Leaf and Jose Gutierrez, a correspondent for Berkeley radio station KPFA-FM, were both arrested during tense clashes between officers and protesters.

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The footage posted on shows dozens of agents taking Gutierrez down to the ground and arresting him as other armed agents formed a barrier against the angry crowd.

HIGH TIMES Freedom Fighter and medical marijuana advocate Debby Goldsberry can be seen being pushed out of the way in the video as officers take Gutierrez to the ground.

This video, more than any I have seen, shows what was happening at the raid on Oaksterdam. You will see DeeJay Wiid and I become stuck behind a hopped up line of feds. Also note, this is when the Oakland Police abandoned the feds to clean up their own mess. Oh it was ugly.

Watch the video

Correction: This article originally identified the arrested radio correspondent as Jose Ruiz. The correspondent’s name is actually Jose Gutierrez.