WTF? I thought weed chills people down?!?

Waka Flocka Flame doesn’t want beef with Wiz Khalifa, but if you must know how last year’s spat between the two up-and-comers began, the Brick Squad rapper says it all started over a few grams of weed.

In an interview with MTV’s Hip Hop POV, Flocka said he hung out with Wiz once with other friends who were getting high.

“I met [Wiz] through French Montana, he was a cool dude,” he said. “I gave him a whole CD of Lex [Luger] beats…and that’s how they hooked [‘Taylor Gang’] up.”

While they were hanging out, however, Waka says he teased Wiz about his penchant for smoking skinny blunts.

“He smoked mosquito-like blunts. When I met him, he was smoking little blunts,” he said. “I gave him three grams [in my blunt] and he couldn’t hang, but we was just playing though. I guess too many people on his Twitter or whatever [didn’t get the joke].”

Known among his fans as a first-class weed lover, Khalifa didn’t respond too well when Waka’s jabs spilled online. In a tweet at the time, he defended himself writing “don’t be fooled. waka flocka knows nothing about weed.”

Later on, Waka made his infamous comment about Wiz having “no swag” and “hyping his way to the top.” In April of this year, however, he told Angie Martinez that his issues with Wiz were “deaded.”

Now that the smoke has cleared, hopefully they stay that way.