Recently, I received a form letter asking for support of the Drug Policy Alliance in its efforts to end the “oewar on drugs” and replace it with a sensible policy that works. In addition to the request for money, many very disturbing facts were presented.

Annual spending by the United States in the war on drugs is more than $51 billion.

Like a Gunshot blast!

In 2009 there were 1,663,600 arrests for non-violent drug charges.

There were more than 200,000 students denied financial aid because of drug offenses.

And, there are many more startling numbers!

Consider the cost of keeping non-violent drug offenders in prison and the negative therapy that incarceration provides. Compare the wisdom of preventing young offenders from ever going to college and replacing it with a prison term.

I ask this: In a democracy, why must dedicated people and organizations need to beg the public for money to get our elected leaders to adopt desperately needed reforms?

Sure, the drug merchants make out like the bootleggers in the 1920s when selling liquor was a crime. They will spend plenty to keep the war going. Is that why Congress pursues a losing strategy? Are they benefiting too?

Certainly, revising our drug policy will require some study and judgment, but not a whole lot.

How nice it would be if drug policy were discussed by our representatives and senators in a public meeting or by someone in the print media. It would be revealing for us to know where our elected leaders stand.

What do our New Jersey senators and members of Congress have to say about this?

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