A quick update on the Pro-Grow / Bubbleponics garden: “The Garden in Blue” – Running the “Vegetation Spectra” only.

Vegetation setting on the Pro Grow 180

Cutting the "Full Spectrum" setting for a while, in favor of the "Vegetative" spectra.

The Must Try legend.

Mid last week, I cut the “Full Spectrum” setting down to just running the blue/white “Vegetative” spectra. The Blue Mystic cuttings, having just got roots under them, running the lamp at 100% was a bit over-kill. Adding to my decision of switching to “Veg Only” was the node spacing, or lack thereof, I should say . Growth was great, but the nodes were stacking in at less than 1cm apart. A bit too close for my preference.

TIght nodes & dense growth

TIght node spacing is a sign of adequate light & nutrients, but this is too much...

I set the lamp to 20″ above the plant tops and shut off the red, or “Bloom” spectra in hopes of getting the plants to stretch upward a bit, for more healthy vertical growth.

Contrary to common thought, too little light can actually produce taller and bigger looking plants, but on close inspection you ‘ll note the node spacing to be very distant and the plant spindly overall.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Too much light in early vegetative growth stages and marijuana plants (many, but not all strains) may over-stack their nodes and produce overly dense vegetative growth that usually must be pruned prior to blooming, so as to not over tax the plant and diminish the fine line between quality AND quantity.

By observing your young plants, you can determine their proper placement from the light source as well as fine tune their growth to your preferences.

The bottom line… – After 5 days on running in the vegetation spectra,  the Pro-Grow 180 is running at less than half power, saving on energy and still getting phenomenal growth & penetration. I’m finally getting the vertical growth and healthy spacing between nodes I was wanting. I’d like to get these up between 8″ – 12″  ASAP, then switch them to 12/12 – bloom!