Blue Mystic Hydro, Pro-Grow 180 LED grow

Week 2 in bubbles, under the Pro-Grow 180 LED grow light

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

At the reservoir change out on Sunday, I began using Sensi Grow A & B. To throw caution into the wind, I plan to take up Advanced Nutrients on the “pH Perfect” component of their product. Being that the cuttings are only into their 2nd week since sprouting roots, I went with 2/3 of their recommended mix (About 2 oz per gallon each of both A & B) and never checked the pH. The root growth has doubled since sunday, growing more in 2 days than all of last week!

Amazing root growth

Now that the roots are kicking in, growth should take off...

I lowered the Pro-Grow 180 to about 18 inches above the plant tops, down from 24 inches . No reason really, other than to kick up a little intensity.

3 Blue Mystic Cuttings under LED grow lights

Growth above the roots is beginning to pick up as well.

The two seedlings in cups are a set of 4 sprouts, from a self-seeded Northern Light Autoflower. They are just here to chill under the Pro-Grow 180 (New 2011-12 Spectra), as their 2 siblings are under the Pro-Grow 260 (previous spectra).

I forgot how simple it is to grow with the Bubbleponics set-up and the past results we’ve had with it make me look forward to bloom time, but that’s a few weeks away.

More to come, check back soon!