A Nirvana "Eldorado" blooms under the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

A peek into the new tent & home for out Eldorado Mexican Sativa

We are now entering week 5 of bloom (day 30-ish, at 12/12).

The new tent arrived on Friday! The quality is on or slightly above par for a sub-$150 tent of this size. I had a few tearing issues while getting the canvas over the frame, one was a seam that split, the other 2 were the fabric itself that gave. Nothing a little metal tape & duct tape cant fix. The zippers & reflective material are solid though.

I eagerly moved the Eldorado and the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light to the new 54″ x 54″ x7′ tent. Lots of headroom now to adjust the height of the lamp from the canopy. Currently at about 24″ above the canopy, the Pro-Grow 400X is giving us a solid 3.5′ x 3′ of coverage.

I did snap one of the main branches last week. I immediately splinted the branch & duct taped the bejeezus out of it. Other than holding at an odd position, all appears well. Oops

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

At about the “halfway point” in the bloom for this strain, I am stepping up the feedings, and it’s beginning to show.

Eldorado marijuana plant’s bloom can take upwards of 12 weeks. I have had a few phenotypes that finish around 9 weeks, but either way your patience will be well rewarded!

Nirvana Eldorado Mexican marijuana strain

Late week 4 of bloom under LED grow lights

Eldorado mexican marijuana plant in a grow tent

The new tent provides a nice area to test the spread of the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light.

The Pro-Grow 400X is a big-gun lamp, and it does get warm enough in an enclosed space that you’ll need food airflow. The taller grow space has lowered the ambient temp by several degrees at the canopy, as well as allowing the unit to run a bit cooler with the improved airflow.

Trichomes on Nirvana Eldorado marijuana buds

Late week 4, buds are thickening, trichomes are getting sticky.

Eldorado marijuana tops budding under the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Budding tops thriving under the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light.

Grow Weed Easy!

Strain: Nirvana’s “Eldorado” Mexican Sativa
Medium: Soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forest)
Nutrients: General Organics line. (Advanced Feeding Schedule)
Lighting: Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light, from Hydroponics Hut

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