Week 6 of bloom begins… (day 38-ish, at 12/12).

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The Nirvana Eldorado is thriving in the new tent, the additional space is allowing the Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light to work at its full potential. Though still at about 24″ above the canopy buds & colas are swelling. Trichomes are prevalent and increasing daily.

Of course the bud & cola growth directly under the Pro-Grow 400X is exceptional, but I am very impressed with the bud development at the edge of the light-span. Though appearing less intense to the eye, there is abundant PAR light

I’m scaling back on the nitrogen and cutting out the Bio-Marine in lieu of Earth Juice Bloom (0-3-1) in between the BioThrive Bloom feedings.

LED grown Nirvana Eldorado

Nirvana Eldorado Mexican Sativa Bud

Nirvana Eldorado Mexican Sativa Bud

Trichomes at week 6 of bloom, Eldorado under LED

Eldorado Mexican Sativa Cola Top

The Pro-Grow 400X is producing some beautiful buds!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Nirvana Seed's Eldorado Mexican Sativa.

Week six bloom, Nirvana Eldorado.

Lower buds on an Eldorado

Buds down low are looking fine!