Pro Grow 260 LED grow light, medical marijuana grow

Another amazing week of growth with the Hydroponics Hut - Pro-Grow 260

Medical marijuana grow under a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light

Last weeks group shot...

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

I’ve definitely bitten off quite a task, keeping up with the plants under the Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light. Starting out 7 weeks ago, I honestly wasn’t sure how much of a difference the 260 would make over the Hydroponics Hut’s 180 series I had previously been using to veg & bloom, as the Pro-Grow 180 did a fantastic job vegging & budding out the previous Blue Mystic Crop (Pic Set »).

After all the shuffling, pruning, bending done this past week, to keep everything at its best, I can say the Pro-Grow 260 is a beast! Now that I know how well the light penetrates, I can focus on maximizing the amount of usable light within a grow space (footrpint). It is now obvious that the only thing restricting growth is free-space. The Pro Grow 180 was at its maximum coverage/penetration point in this grow area (roughly 3′ wide by 2′ deep), I figured the 260 would be a perfect fit for 3 plants or so. Now I wish I could double the depth & run a 3′ by 4′ space as I could easily grow four or five larger plants, in 3 gallon pots and let them bush out wider than my current bunch.

Now that the autoflowers (PicsBMA #1, NLA #1 & NLA #3) are all falling into bloom, they are moving along as planned, but the booming vegetative growth from the non-autoflower seedlings and cuttings is being wasted. I am having to trim them up every few days to keep their size inline, but I have no space for new cuttings, so the snipped branches are ending up in the leaf bag. Not that it’s a bad thing, I just hate wasting growth (The leaves are never wasted, they end up being used for tinctures & topical oils).

The vegetative growth is gangbusters, but how about the bloom? To be fair, even at only 29 days of flowering, though the bud sites are plentiful, the buds on BMA #1 are a bit sparse. I believe it is due to the genetics of the plant, as this is one weird bloomer.

Auto flower buds under a Pro Grow LED grow light

At 4 weeks of flowering, though still showing vertical growth, BMO #1's buds begin to add mass.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

So, needless to say, look for us to be expanding the Veg-Tent real soon! I’ll be damned if I waste the potential of the Pro-Grow 260, or the plants!


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