The 49-minute Len Richmond film What If Cannabis Cured Cancer? seeks to answer questions as to whether the properties of marijuana could prevent, or even heal, deadly cancers. Some of the scientific evidence discovered calls into question not only the current marijuana legislation in many countries, but also why marijuana is not being tested more for its healing properties.

In the article Marijuana Cures Cancer!, Doug Yurchey recalls the history of how cannabis went from being a valuable medicine to being an illicit drug. Yurchey also argues for weed’s cancer-curing effects, noting that “hemp is a natural plant and cannot be patented. Its power would be in the hands of the people and not in the corporations who run a 200 billion dollar cancer business.” Sad to say, but this is a likely reason as to why it is not given a fair shake as a cancer fighter.

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Do you believe that marijuana might be able to cure cancer? Should more testing be done to investigate the possibility?